Friday, February 11, 2011

Hunter is 12!

Yes, now that it is past 4:21 pm, the boy is officially 12 years old.  He's growing taller, wearing a bigger shoe, growing a little facial hair, and really needing the Axe!  However, he still loves his toys, adventures outdoors, and aggravates his sisters regularly.  He's the perfect example of a "tween."  For the first time in several years his birthday was not altered with snow.  He wished to have an evening of "boy time" with Zachary, a friend from school.  As he turned 12, he received his "rite of passage" gift, a cell phone.  Daddy also got him an electric scooter and the Lego Ninjago dojo.  He was also blessed with gifts from family and friends as well.  He has had a wonderful day and we're thankful to spend it together as a family.


Lisa said...

Facial hair??? Constant Axe use??? Oh, my...They are growing! :)

ArmyReserveWife said...

Hunter, Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the new phone. Nathaniel is not feeling well, but I will give him your number when he is up. We have unlimited texting as I am sure you do too.