Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back Again

For about a month now I've been considering if I should start blogging again.  I asked myself several questions.  Would it be good stewardship of my time?  What would I write about?  Is blogging being selfish as I would mostly be writing about me or my family?  Would I risk saying something I shouldn't?  Within the last week or two, I started getting answers.  As we've moved to a more minimalist homeschool this year, it frees up some time for the things we love.  For me, that's writing.  Unfortunately, I tend to write way too much, therefore it not being a good use of my time nor anyone who reads what I write.  My answer came from Ecclesiastes 5:2b ESV "Therefore let your words be few."  I can do that.  Considering that I haven't written a blog post since 2011, I have much to write about to get caught up.  However if you follow me on Facebook or see me in person, that's not necessary.  I hope to write about the here an now, life as God's grace gets us through each day.  Additionally, I don't wish to be known as a narcissist.  But then I thought, what kind of family member or friend would I be if I didn't share Jesus?  After all, everything I say and do, I want to point others to Him.  As a daughter of the King and an officer's wife, words I share have potential to do much harm.  Keeping that in mind, I hope to pray over each post before I hit "publish."  So in the days ahead, I hope to get caught up on blogging grammar and  get our page cleared up.  There's so many new things to learn!  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and come join me in my dining room as we continue this journey together.