Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November News

Well yet again another month has passed since I've updated. Here I have all these pictures sitting on my laptop waiting to be posted. Maybe one of these days! I do want you to know what is currently going on with our lives. We got a contract on our house in early November. Right before the inspection the couple decided to back out of the contract. While in some ways this was very disappointing, it was going to add a lot of stress had it gone through. First of all, we had no where to go. As of today, we are #5 on the waiting list. We're hoping that will continue to come down. I joke about the delay being that the house in the right community with a front porch on a corner lot hasn't come up yet. Secondly, it uprooted the kids in a difficult way. The girls have been working on a Christmas recital that they wouldn't participate in and Hunter would miss a camp out that is a requirement for his Arrow of Light. As it turns out, Tim and Hunter will attend that camp out this weekend and the girls will perform in December, Bekah's first time on pointe. You can't tell me that God knows exactly what He is doing.

I took my mom to the doctor for a regularly scheduled check-up on Monday. Despite the fact that we had to wait for three hours to be seen by the doctor, the news was good. Evidently the radiation is still working and her CT scans looked better this time than they did the last. Praise the Lord!

We're looking forward to Tim coming home on Friday for a 10 day Thanksgiving vacation. It will be a time of work, play, family, and celebrating Bekah's birthday.