Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brothers - Meet Conner and Pierce

Many of you know that Hunter has feverently prayed for a brother over the last couple of years. His little heart was broken as he saw God give his two best friends baby brothers of their own (and they weren't asking for them). While he was convinced that God wasn't hearing his prayers, we were able to explain that God doesn't always answer in the way we expect Him to, but has a bigger plan. Before school was out, Hunter's prayer was beginning to be answered. (Despite the record number of people I've learned are pregnant this week, no I am not one of them). Our neighbors Julie and Johnny have two precious boys. She was needing someone to watch them this summer on the days that she worked (She's a great hairstylist by the way. I highly recommend her) and asked us. Through this need, Hunter has received not one, but two brothers for the summer. They have been with us 3 days and often play other times as well. They've played together, splashed together, attended Brown Bag Bunch and the movies, and have even fought with one another as true brothers do. I guess the only difference is, they sleep in their own beds across the street and we don't have to pay their college tuition. The beauty of this story is that they've been twice adopted. Before they were adopted by our family, Julie and Johnny adopted these two precious boys from Guatemala. They have truly been a blessing to us. It reminds me how we're adopted into God's family. While we don't deserve it, we have the opportunity to be called the sons and daughters of God.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pray, Give, Go, . . . Test?

Ever since I was a young girl in GA's I've been taught that you should pray for missionaries, give so that others can go, and possibly go ourselves. Today I have a unique opportunity to serve those who are about to go out on the mission field. There is a family in our church whose children need to take achievement tests as a part of their application. They needed someone to test them. I would've never dreamed when I registered with BJU to become an qualified tester that God could use me in such a way. I'm by no means trying to toot my own horn. I just want to encourage others to serve the Lord in "not so traditional" ways. Please pray for these 3 girls that they will best show how intelligent they are (they are very smart), that we can get this done in a timely manner, and that their results will come back quickly as well.

Done, Finished, Completed ! ! !

Many of you know that Tim has diligently worked through an online class over the course of the last year. This was a requirement for him to continue in his line of work. He has great news to share! Yesterday afternoon he mailed his final paper! It seems like all of us have poured ourselves into this so that he could get it done. We're all breathing a sigh of relief. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for him, encouraged him, and looked over his assignments and papers. We are very thankful.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Same Song, Second Verse

Haley and several high schoolers departed for Centrifuge this morning. She was quite excited! Pray for their safety and for God to do big things this week.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Holly's 7th Birthday Party

I made a few mistakes with this one, but for the most part, it was a good party. 30 little girls flooded our basement with giggles, excitement, and beauty. Mrs. Tara, Holly's dance teacher, blessed her with sharing dance moves with them all. Aunt Val, Aunt Gigi, Haley, Bekah, and Grandma were also of tremendous help. She spent the evening with the ones she loves the most. Even still, it was a little overwhelming. We are greatfully thankful to those who gave their time and love.

Surprise Visit

Holly and Hunter were surprised with a visit from "Aunt Val," "Aunt Gigi," Zac, PJ, Jenny, & Peyton. Holly was especially glad to have them be a part of her birthday. They were able to swim, dance, and stay up late playing their DS. In times like these we're reminded that true friends stick together during the test of time and distance. What a beautiful time of fellowship we had.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Off to Centrifuge

Bekah (white sweat pants) left Monday morning with Abbi (plaid shorts) and 11 other middle schoolers for a week of fun and fellowship at Centrifuge. They arrived safely, and talking to her the last couple of nights, she's having a great time. Her track choices include messy games and creative movement. She's purchased new clothes, loves the music, and shared that one of the girls with them has accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! That's what camp is all about. I'll update more when she returns.

Taking the Bite out of 40

Too many bad things are associated with turning 40. I choose to look at life differently. So, as I enter this new decade I will share some of the things that made this milestone day special.

1. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Tim - an awesome husband

3. Haley

4. Bekah

5. Hunter

6. Holly

7. A birthday card from my dad

8. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing from Ele Cake Company

9. Homemade German Chocolate Cake

10. A spirited cookie bouquet from Scott and Val

11. A trip to the IKEA store

12. Being able to buy things at the IKEA store

13. Several nice e-mails

14. Facebook wishes

15. "Mullins rendition" of "Happy Birthday"

16. The real version of "Happy Birthday"

17. I have never dyed my hair

18. I can see without glasses or contacts

19. I'm otherwise healthy for my age

20. Cheddar Broccoli soup from Panera bread

21. Marian's Piazza

22. My Aunt Nancy who turned 60 the same day!

23. Memories of my late Grandmother, Ella Bloom who would've been 95 the same day.

24. I've had the opportunity to read my Bible all the way through

25. I live in the best country in the world!

26. I have a clean house

27. I drive a vehicle that is paid for

28. Cheap gas in Carrollton, KY

29. Ninth and O Baptist Church

30. I'm registered to vote

31. Warm, sunny days

32. A neighborhood swimming pool

33. An almost finished basement

34. Time spent together finishing it up

35. Puppy dog kisses from Ranger and Dixie

36. Being able to drive up to get our niece, Abbi, so that she can go to camp

37. The chance to blog

38. Giggles

39. Bedtime prayers

40. Great friends like you who keep in touch

Sunday, July 6, 2008


What a beautiful sight! Bekah and Callie have been best friends since before they were two years old. Through thick and thin, and even hundreds of miles they still stick together. We were so blessed with a visit from Jeff, Susan, and Callie. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and we're so thankful for this opportunity. Hopefully they can visit with one another again soon.