Saturday, March 7, 2009

Going, Going, Gone!

Over the course of a week, Holly has lost her two front teeth. What is a typical "first grade smile" ended up being a second grade smile for her. I guess there's no corn on the cob for a while.

Blue & Gold Banquet

This year's Blue & Gold Banquet was held on February 28. Papaw, Abbi, and Mason came down to be a part. Hunter and five other Webelos earned their rank. Four boys crossed over into Boy Scouts and will greatly be missed. This year the theme was "travel." The boys made "suitcases" to decorate the tables with as they travel along the path of I918 toward Boy Scouts.

Father / Son Bake Off

As part of the Blue Gold Banquet each year boys and their fathers are asked to bake a dessert. I do confess to shopping for the ingredients, but after that, I was out of the kitchen except to grab a picture here and there. Papaw and Mason were here to add their touches to the project, but still: No Girls Allowed! There were 3 categories of winners. Best tasting went to a pineapple upside down cake (although I LOVED the strawberry (on the right) and chocolate mud pie(on the left)). The most scout spirit went to one of the fleur-de-lis. This year they added a new category, the Lincoln Heritage. The double sided penny won that one. The visiting boy scouts thought there should be another category, "most creative." Tim and Hunter won that one with their log cabin.


After a little wait, it was Hunter's turn to play games. I won't say too much about this, but it was a good opportunity to learn to keep a Christ-like attitude at all times. It was also fun to capture a few pictures from the sidelines that are priceless.


After Hunter did so well Friday night, Holly had her turn at Spark-A-Rama on Saturday morning. She didn't let us down. Her team, pictured on the line, came in first place. In the second picture, Holly is about to run and get the pin after the "Sparky Crawl." 9th and O has some wonderful Sparks for Jesus and their leaders!

AWANA Bible Quizzing

This was Hunter's first year to compete at the annual AWANA Bible Quizzing. He was on a team with Brandon, Maggie, and Lauren. He received a 100% on the written test and was awarded the blue ribbon. He team placed first in their division and received the red medals. As you can tell, many from 9th and O did extremely well. To God be the glory!