Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Wild Week

As you can tell by the number of posts, we were quite busy last week. Knowing that this week could be just as busy or more, I humbled myself to knowing that I needed help. I called on my sister-in-law, Jessica to fill in the gap as she graciously agreed to take Hunter and Holly. We planned to take them to Ohio right after morning worship. That idea was brought to a halt when we arrived home from church to find sick dogs. I'll spare the details here, but needless to say, they had to be dealt with and our jaunt to Ohio was off. We began the week with Mom's doctor's appointment early Monday morning. We learned that she had a UTI and the doctor postponed the chemo until next week. They were also going to look more into her pain in her esophagus. We took her to the hospital Wednesday morning to have a procedure done to determine if it is an infection, or a result of the radiation. If it is a result of an infection, it can be treated and she continue the radiation again. We're still waiting to hear the results and she will come home later today. To add to the week, Haley and Bekah will be in the CEC production of Narnia on Friday. They are practicing hard each night this week. What may be a little harder is fighting the traffic where the play will take place. Tonight will be the real test - roads are closed due to the Pegasus Parade! But wait - that's not all! We got a call on Tuesday that Tim's brother, Mark, was sent to the hospital with a very high fever, bad headache, chills, and chest pain. I'm sure you've been watching the news as we have and immediately think "swine flu." The original diagnosis is pneumonia, but they have yet to say it's NOT swine flu. He is being treated with IV antibiotics and remains in the hospital. I now see why God didn't allow for Hunter and Holly to go to Ohio this week. Jessica is having a hard enough time, she didn't need our two children in the chaos as well. Sometimes I wish God would give us His eyes to see the things it takes us longer to see. I'll close by adding that my dear cousin, Emily, is back in the hospital. Boy, all this sure makes us look forward to the time that there will be no more suffering and no more pain. Until then, we're praising Him in the storm.

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