Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No one is coming home today

We were able to get a good amount of school done this morning before the girls had to be at class. Hunter, Holly, and I then headed out to the hospital. Mom was doing better. They were able to remove the drain from her arm and she was eating better too. However, despite all of that, they kept her one more night so that she could get a quart of blood. Her counts were a little low.
Maggie remains in the hospital in Ohio. Evidently there was a complication from her first surgery, so they had to do a second procedure today. They're keeping her overnight as well.
We said goodbye to some special neighbors today. Sloan, Jen, Dylan, and Lucy have left for South Carolina. They are fantastic neighbors and will be greatly missed. Technology is wonderful as I feel like our friendship will continue via the Internet although it's not the same as taking the dogs for a walk and running into each other.

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