Thursday, April 30, 2009

Haley's 16th Birthday Party

About 6 months ago I began thinking of Haley's Sweet 16 birthday party. The girls would all dress up and it would be a fancy, girly, extravaganza. As I began discussing these thoughts with her, I realized that my plans were not her plans. She had more thoughts of it being casual and heading to the go-carts. Well - it's her party and if driving is what she wants, then that's what we decided to do. She invited Alex, April, Hannah, Katie, Kayla, Sarah, and Sophie - all 16 or almost there, to share in the fun. Add a little bit of putt-putt golf, pizza, and chocolate cake and we came up with the perfect evening for Haley to remember. They drove a little to fast for me to capture any "driving" pictures, but here's a few others to share. I will also take this time to comment about how blessed we are with Haley's friends. They are such a great group of girls and we love them dearly.

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Anohioan said...

Haley, you are very beautiful and from the accounts I hear from your loving Grandmother, you are beautiful inside and out and honey, I just wanted to let you know now that I've seen you, I totally agree with Grandma and your Mom who speaks in such glowing terms of her first born.

Just my two cents,
Your Grandma's Friend,