Monday, April 6, 2009

The First Day is Done!

After getting the kids started in school this morning and outlining their lessons we headed out to what became a busy day. We tried to go to radiation early before the chemo treatment, but they told us to come back when we were done. As we got upstairs, we were greeted with a prescription for the anti-sickness medicine. I was given directions to the nearest Walgreens and ran. Over an hour later I returned with the prized drug and they then got her started. It must do its job, because so far she feels good. She ate lunch while we were there, then came home and ate a good dinner. The kids and Tim did a great job of preparing it and getting it on the table as we walked in the door. She's now eating an Easter favorite - Brach's jelly beans. We got more good news today! Hunter and Holly have been accepted in the Classical Conversations tutorial in Virginia. We're still waiting to hear about Haley and Bekah. Hunter got into the last 5th grade spot. We are really happy about this as we see God's provision. He cares for our every need.

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Anohioan said...

Hi kids, I talked to Mom a bit just as she returned from her first treatment today, she sounded so good. The med must have worked, I'm so happy for her.

In your insanely busy lives, it's wonderful that you are taking the time to blog all this info. Right now I want and need to know what's happening to my good friend and there are others who I must report to who also care. Thank you so, Tim and are good children and grandchildren.

For you are loved with an everlasting love, and underneath are the everlasting arms~~~God Bless Children, God Bless