Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning

It was a little rough yesterday afternoon and evening. We are thankful for all who were there to help clean out her room at the nursing home. In doing this, I was given a thought. There were many times when we wanted to give Jerri gifts and didn't know what to get her, as there was really not anything she needed. Many of you may have similar situations. What we discovered yesterday was that stuffed animals make lovely memories for grandchildren. She had several all over her room, and each grandchild has at least one that they have to hang on to. I remember last Christmas Holly was adamant about getting her a snowman to sit in her room. Actually, it sat out all year. She was able to take it home yesterday and we will be able to have it for many Christmases to come. I want to also thank Megan for taking the younger kids out to play while our teenagers were able to work through their emotions. Most everyone is grieving in a healthy way. There are a few than need extra grace and prayer. We were able sit down together as a family for dinner as Dennis took us out to Golden Corral last night. Tim & I spent the rest of the evening going through old pictures and Dennis and the kids got some sleep. I believe they have an appointment for Monday to make final arrangements as far as time goes. I must say, we are so thankful for Dennis & Jerri's insight as they took care of the fine details a long time ago. It makes it so much easier now. As I learn of them, I will pass them along. I don't know what today holds. We will take everything one day at a time. Thank you for your prayers.

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Sarah said...

Hi Stauffer Family,

I'm so sorry about the passing of Tim's mother, but I'm glad that you all were able to be there and that most of you are handling this hard time well. Mostly, I'm so glad that you have confidence that she is with God now. We're praying for you.