Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, 12:05 AM

Jessica and I left just a little bit ago to bring the kids home to get some sleep. Mottling has moved up to her knees and they were treating her with wet towels when we left. She continues to be medicated as needed. It was a hard good-bye tonight. Dennis, Tim, & Mark remained. Tim called shortly after we got here and said he was going to retire for a few hours and they would rotate getting some sleep. I think I may do the same. Jessica and I have talked of going back up there in a few hours to be support to our husbands. Jerri is very peaceful. Several hospice nurses have said that they see two ways that people leave this earth. One group is peaceful like Jerri is, the other is very restless, or even grab for bed coverings and such. They say that those who are peaceful are Christians or are sure of their salvation, the other group is not. I am convinced that beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jerri has her name written in the book of life and she will very soon get to meet her Lord and Savior. The kids are getting irritable. I believe that some of this in part is their grief. They're not ignorant and are very aware of what is happening. Of course Haley is very clued in, whereas Madison has a slight idea of the whole situation. Then there's everything in between. Thanks for your prayers.

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