Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Not a Date Valentine's Day Dinner Extravaganza"

I guess at some point, teenagers outgrow making cute boxes and exchanging cheap Valentines. They then move on to bigger and better things. That would be the case with the Valentine event Haley and Bekah attended at our church. I enjoyed being able to help other moms prepare their meal; chips and salsa, chicken, potatoes, mixed vegetables, and fruit salad. As always, there were plenty of sweets: jelly beans, mini cheesecakes, petit fours, cookies, and heart shaped lollipops. As they arrived dressed in their best, the young gentlemen seated and waited on the beautiful young ladies. Following dinner, they were encouraged by our youth pastor Rene and his wife Julie to remain pure for their future mate. The night candidly ended with a good hour of karaoke. Bekah is pictured with her friends Cassidy, Amanda, and Lydia. Haley is pictured with Sarah, Katie, Sophie, and Hannah.

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