Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CEC Science Fair

Because of the ice storm, the science fair was postponed a week. Personally, I wasn't too happy about that. You'll figure out why as you read on. Bekah was quick to jump on the project. She had it all planned out well before Christmas. She wanted to see if giving fancy mice sugar would cause weight gain. So reluctantly we made the trip to Petsmart to get four fancy mice, a home for them, food, and bedding. Are you grossed out yet? This lovely project came to $68. She separated them into two cages and gave the one group plain mice food and the other group mice food and Apple Jacks. We weighed them each week as we cleaned out the crate. After a month we learned that they did not gain any weight. Before you rush out to stock up on sugary cereal, know that there were probably some flaws in this experiment. All in all though, it was fun for her. Haley went a lot easier on the pocketbook as she chose to find out if using a pole would affect your center of balance. We had some good friends offer to be subjects of testing their balance with a 2 ft. pole, an 8 ft. pole, and nothing at all. As you know in the case of tight ropers, the pole helps. They both quickly pulled out my Cricut Expression to use for their boards. Need I say, they made a lot more while they were at it. We arrived in just enough time to get their projects set up, then went home for dinner. When we returned later that night, we found Bekah's project with a 1st place blue ribbon. Her teacher commented that she couldn't find anywhere to take off points. This is proof that your experiment does NOT have to prove your hypothesis to be a good project. Haley excelled as well with a good solid A. She forgot to mention how her project may be better if done over. We are very proud of both girls for their hard work and perseverance as well as all the CEC students who presented excellent projects. As for the mice - well, keeping them an extra week was not my idea of fun - they have now returned to the environment God intended for them.

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