Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing Up

I guess no matter how old you are, it's always fun for someone to receive a special gift. However, when it comes to kids birthday parties, things begin to get out of hand. You know how it goes, you forget about the party until the last minute, then run to a discount store to buy a junky toy that ends up at Goodwill next month or a gift card that gets dwindled on chewing gum and candy. As Hunter neared his 10th birthday, he began to see things a little different. Roger and Lisa have been special friends of our family since we came to 9th and O. They came about the same time we did. Lisa was involved in the summer children's programs and they both were involved in AWANA. Roger was one of Hunter's leaders and had a special impact on him. Hunter meshed the thoughts of his birthday with all the things he already has (and things I DON'T want to move). He then decided to ask for money from his friends that came to his party and give that money to support Roger and Lisa as they leave for the mission field. We had to work quick however. Their last day at 9th and O was February 8, 3 days before his birthday. Tim had battle assembly and there was just no time for a party. Power was still out and altered church services, so he wasn't able to invite all the friends he wanted. He did have a few come over one afternoon and have an awesome time just "being boys." At a special going away lunch on Sunday, Hunter gave the money that was given to Roger and Lisa. On the way home he talked about how happy he was about what he did. These gifts will not end up at Goodwill or the trash. They will be multiplied as Roger and Lisa have great ambition to share the love of Jesus with all of Winnipeg. This is just one little sign of how our little boy is putting away selfish desires and growing up. He's finding how happy he is putting others first at the same time.

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Bonnie Jean said...

Awesome decision, Hunter! I'm proud of you and I know God will use that money in their lives to benefit His kingdom.