Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Do We Homeschool?

Through the month of August I will be writing a series of blogs that pertain to "Back to School." I will outline what we use in our homeschool and why, as well as highlight some of our outside sources. It's hard to believe that we're about to begin our 9th year! We first began homeschooling because of the flexibility. While Haley was in first grade, Tim's work had him scheduled with Sunday and Monday off. We had our family day while Haley went to school. The flexibilty came in handy during Tim's mobilization. It was a matter of picking up our books and heading out to visit him. Another reason why we homeschool is because we feel like our children receive the best individualized education that holds our Christian Worldview. Not all children learn alike and through homeschooling we are able to use the right curriculum that matches each learning style. If one struggles in one area, we can give it extra attention, while allowing them to excell in their strengths. We choose curriculum that is written with a Biblical perspective and/or is taught that way. Most importantly we homeschool because God has called us to. We see it as an act of obedience. Trust me, I've had many days when I've been tempted to enroll them in the local public school! I've pleaded with God at points (especially in this last year) to let me put them in school. God clearly said to me one night back in 2002 - "If that's what you want, I will see that you will be blessed. However, it's not the desire of My heart for your family." Tim and I together want the desire of God's heart. Does this mean we will homeschool until Holly graduates? Only God knows that. We still evaluate year by year. Do I look down upon my friends that send their kids to public or private schools? Absolutley not! God can be everywhere in every kind of school. There are excellent Christian teachers out there teaching in schools everywhere. We're just following His plan for us.

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