Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creation Museum

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that I will have readers that will disagree with me. That's okay. I do encourage you to read on though. We made our long awaited visit to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky last week. I must say, it was well worth our time. While we have heard much criticism about it, we've also heard how wonderful it is. We agree with the latter. The Creation Museum walks its visitors through a series of state of the art exhibits scientifically proving that "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." (Genesis 1:1) That goes against what we were taught in the public schools as a child. I remember learning "billions of years ago," and how we were evolved from an amoeba then a monkey, and so on. Looking at the solid scientific evidence they presented at the museum, it made me wonder, "so why don't others believe this?" I mean after all, if you take a pile of lumber and blow it up with dynamite (the big bang theory) you don't get a house! Everyone knows that. It all comes down to whether or not one believes that the Bible, preserved for many years, is true. It also depends on whether or not one believes in the one True God. While some may say they do believe in the Bible and God, they don't want to believe the account of creation and accept the responsibility that comes with it. So does it matter that we know how old the Earth is or how it got its start? Sure! What we think about the past decides what we think about the future. If one believes the words of the Bible including the account of creation, then they will most likely believe in an afterlife and how one will spend it in Heaven or Hell. Personally, I want to believe what the Bible has to say about creation. Would you rather believe that you were evolved from a monkey or "fearfully and wonderfully made? (Psalm 139:14)" The criticism that the Creation Museum receives reminds me of our trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. All over the park you hear "billions of years ago the Colorado River carved out this canyon." There was no one that would even come close to supporting the idea of it being the result of a world wide flood. August is the rainy season at the canyon. We wanted so much to see a sunrise or a sunset. That didn't happen for us. Instead we heard something different. We camped in the park - great experience. One night a thunderstorm was coming through. When it thunders, the sound goes on for several minutes. There's nothing like it. It reminds me of the scripture in Luke 19 when the Pharisees ask Jesus to silence his disciples that were praising Him. His response was "if they keep quiet the stones will cry out." The stones cried out that night for sure! I highly encourage everyone to visit the museum, whether you agree or not. You can then decide for yourself.

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