Friday, May 20, 2011

Dodson Dawgs

Haley & Janna on the first day of Kindergarten

When it came time for Haley to start her formal education, we felt led at the time to send her to public school.  It was the same Nashville Public School district that I taught in, so we thought we'd give it a try.  Her friend Janna from across the street was not in her class, but they were ready to start their adventure together.
Haley's Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten went well under the teaching of Ms. Libby Francis.  She improved on her reading and math skills and enjoyed all the fun activities.  Field trips included the pumpkin patch and Purity Dairy. 
Haley & Mama on a field trip

While Kindergarten was in a separate school, she moved to the main school in First Grade.  While Kelly Simpson was her teacher, she learned to love to read as she had an "Author of the Month."  She joined Brownie Girl Scouts at this time and continued making new friends.
Haley on the first day of First Grade

Haley's First Grade Class
We don't regret our public school years, as we felt that's exactly where God wanted us at the time, and He used us to reach those around us.

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