Monday, May 16, 2011

AWANA Awards

As it appears that Haley is getting all the applause lately, our other children are doing things to make us proud as well.  Over the last four years, Hunter has been involved in the Truth and Training Clubs of the AWANA program.  He started off at Ninth and O and finished up at Woodlawn.  During that time leaders have encouraged him to work through four books, learning key truths, memorizing scripture, and encouraging daily Bible study.  He got off to a slow start, but finished strong to earn his Timothy Award, the highest award of the TNT program.  As the TNT director, I was also privileged to hand out another Timothy Award to Jessica Edwards.  She is my beautiful, young sister in Christ.  All of the children involved worked hard to earn a total of 12 book awards, including Holly, who earned her Excellence Award.  I am excited to see what God is doing in all of their lives.

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ArmyReserveWife said...

How cool!! Congrats to all!