Friday, October 2, 2009

Voice of Truth Dance Recital

On June 6, 2009 the students at Grace In Motion Dance Academy presented their recital Voice of Truth. This wasn't just any dance recital, but a worship service. Haley and Bekah are in the senior choir. They sang the theme song to open the recital up. They also performed in three dance numbers. Their tap routine was to a very upbeat Amazing Grace. I must say, it rocked! Their ballet routine was to He's Not Dead. Simply beautiful. They worked on their lyrical number for a year and a half. Casting Crowns East to West was the music for it. What a beautiful message it had about our sins being cast as far as the East is from the West, one scarred hand to the other. Holly was in three numbers as well. Her tap routine was a jazzy This Little Light of Mine. Her ballet routine was You Are My All In All. She was part of the first part of the finale, Transformation. Background music from the Creation Museum was played as little catepillars turned into butterflies (Holly's class) which later transformed into monarchs. All Grace In Motion students joined Kim, Ahren, and Nick Porta for the second finale, The Revelation Song. Awesome worship at it's finest! We are especially thankful for the teachers at Grace In Motion and the high standards they set. Tara, Theresa, Kim, Paula, Kathy, & Mindy: we appreciate you!

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