Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overdue Update

Who says "soon" can't be defined as 3 months away? I don't like that it's been so long since I've posted, but in all honesty, I guess I've tried to hide the trials we'vebeen going through. While going through them, they seem really big. However, when I look around and see what others are going through, it's really nothing at all. So here at the beginning of October, here's where we are. Tim settled into his job mid June. Through the summer we were able to see each other about once a month. He came to Louisville for the 4th of July, then met in Dayton the first weekend in August to celebrate his Grandmother's 90th birthday (which is actually later this month). We also took a road trip to Virginia to spend time with him for his birthday. This gave the kids the opportunity to see the National Capital Region as a place to live. I'll comment more on that later. What kept us motivated was the promised trip to Disney World. We spent 5 wonderful days in the parks and were able to meet up with several friends during this time. Tim went back to Virginia on Sunday and we started back to school on Monday. We are #9 on the list for housing at Ft. Belvoir. While we've had a few showings, there have been no offers on the house. The latest reason being, "they wanted a bigger yard." While much of this sounds discouraging, we are continuing to trust that God has this plan worked out. In the mean time, Mom has had her follow-up visits with the cancer doctors and they are very pleased with her progress. They never said the cancer was "gone" and honestly, they never promised that. They did say there was significant decrease and plan to see her back in 3 months. We'll praise God for that and be thankful. Hopefully sooner than later I will get some summer pictures up here. I'm sorry for the lack of communication.

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