Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rite of Passage

As Hunter is nearing 10 years of age, there was one gift that didn't really count as one of his 3 that he gets from us. That gift is a Red Rider BB gun. While some of you are thinking he will "shoot his eye out," actually he does very well with it. Through scouts he has earned his beltloop and pin in shooting. His first concern was that Daddy didn't include eye protection. Little did he know that Daddy already had that covered. Hunter is now old enough to realize that this is a tool and not a toy and he must have adult supervision to use it. As he improves his marksmanship and responsibility he is growing from a boy into a man. Father and son have been practicing almost daily since. He did hit a bulls eye Christmas day (bottom picture)! They're now saving cans to shoot. I might also mention, as his friend Peyton also nears 10 years old, she got a pink one this year!

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