Thursday, January 1, 2009

Friends are for kids too!

I dare not forget! We trecked out in the ice on the afternoon of the 23rd to "pick up a last minute gift." Hunter even said, "Can't it wait until tomorrow?" No, we had to go to Best Buy. However, we weren't planning to "buy" anything at that time (they already had enough of our $). While we were playing Rock Band and looking at the Wii games, who would walk in but Zac & Peyton! Boy, was that a great gift to pick up! Days before Holly cried herself to sleep wishing she could spend Christmas with Peyton. This came pretty close. All the kids had a great time together between Marians (Hunter won the girls a stuffed animal in the game room), the pool/hot tub, and their Nintendo DS. For those of you who know about Hunter and Peyton's betrothal, she received a Littlest Pet Shop VIP pet. Peyton said it could be their first child. Blushing with embarassment, Hunter said it could be their first "pet." At least they already have a house (a whole other story)!

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