Monday, June 30, 2008


For someone not familiar with Boy Scouts, you may be thinking about the Fisher Price toys that wobble, but don't fall down. However, a Webelo is a boy ages 9-11 that is transitioning from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. WeBeLoS stands for "We Be Loyal Scouts." Loyal to their task is exactly what 6 boys and their dads were last weekend when they attended resident camp. The first night there was no power due to storms, so dinner was delayed. The next night there was a line of severe storms that kept them in the dining hall until almost midnight. Many boys went home that night. Our boys stuck it out. Skills they learned will last them a lifetime. While Hunter completed many of the requirements for his rank, his favorite was earning his whittling chip. This enables him to carry a pocket knife to scout functions. He spent much of the day yesterday finding pieces of wood to whittle. Of course the shooting sports, scout skills, and swimming were a conversation too! These Webelos may have wobbled a little over the weekend, but they didn't fall down. You go, boys! Also, here's one of the first pictures of Hunter in his new shirt. They recommend that boys earn their uniform, so before he went to camp he spent a few hours helping to clean up our contruction mess and any other job Daddy came up with. At least from mom's point of view, he looks so grown up.

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