Friday, June 20, 2008

21 Years and counting!

Well, here we are celebrating our 21st anniversary. We've accomplished many things in these 21 years. Our latest project, finishing the basement, reminds me of what a marriage is about. We've worked diligently over the last few months to try to get it done. The latest is the flooring. It takes teamwork to measure, cut, and place each piece of the Pergo. I measure, he manages the saw, I lay down the next row, he hammers it in. Our first few nights didn't run so smooth. We had to get into the pattern, and at least I (LeAnn) made many mistakes in measuring or marking the correct angles. I got left to this, since I'm the math freak. But piece by piece, hour by hour, we've worked out a plan. Once this happened, the next few rooms went well. Then there's the bathroom! From where they dug up for the water fixtures, the floor was very uneven and rough. Before we can lay the tile, it has to be level and smooth. That's just like marriage. Before you can build, you need to have a solid foundation. I'm thankful that our marriage is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Then when we have things come up, we work them out, things run smoothly for a while, then there's a new conflict. Eventually, we're going to finish this project and a basement that we can enjoy will be the result. While completing our marriage will take a lot longer than our basement to complete ("for as long as we both shall live" we pledged in our wedding vows), our end result should be a family tree that hopefully the world can enjoy.

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