Friday, May 22, 2009

AWANA Awards

It's hard to believe that another year of AWANA is now over. It's even harder to believe that we will never have a "Spark" anymore as Holly will move up to "Truth and Training." Holly received the Sparky Award for completing all three Sparks books along with her friends Emily and Lakyn. Hunter completed his first Truth and Training book and also dove into the second book. He has big goals for next year. We are so thankful for Mrs. Vanessa who is the AWANA Commander, Mrs. Lettie who leads Sparks, and Mr. James who leads the TNT boys. Mrs. Margarita has been Holly's verse listener for all three years. Hunter also appreciates listeners Mr. Steve, Mr. Morris, Mr. Tommy, Mr. Garrett, Mr. Bob, Mr. Adrian, Mr. Austin, and Mr. Haskins. They especially loved game time - Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Tieman, & Mr. Kelly.

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